PPOC is the largest and most recognizable Professional Photography Association in Canada. We are happy you have decided to join.

Most photographer start at the Observer level and have the option to upgrade to Accredited membership at anytime by earning a National Accreditation. Once Accredited, members are able to represent themselves as members of PPOC, have a business page on our national website and may work towards their Craftsman and Masters designations.

If you have been PPOC member in the past, please contact the PPOC Office via telephone at (888) 643-PPOC (7762) or via email at and your original membership can be reactivated.

Discounts are available to studios employing multiple photographers. Members joining under a Studio membership must share a company name, address and website to be eligible. Only those in the Observer and Accredited membership category are eligible to be considered for Studio Membership.

If you wish to set up a studio membership, please contact the PPOC Office directly at, or by telephone at (888) 643-PPOC (7762).

1. Select the province and/or region in which you live

Notes :
  • The province or region or region chosen must match your address as this determines your membership ID number.
  • Commercial Partners and International Members do not need to select a province.
  • All memberships run for 12 months, and are renewable annually.

2. Choose your membership level

Benefits of membership

With over 1000 like-minded photographers across Canada, when you have a problem there is always somebody to help just a phone call away

Enjoy preferred member pricing on educational events at the branch, regional and national levels throughout the year, as well as free webinars delivered to your computer screen 10 months of the year

Commercial Partner Programs and Vendor Offers
Benefit from discounts and promotional offers on products and services offered by PPOC’s Commercial Partners throughout the year

PPOC website attracts thousands of searches by the public for a qualified photographer in their area.

National Image Salon*
Compete amongst your colleagues to see which members earn the title of Photographer of the Year, and who wins the Class Awards. These awards are fantastic publicity for your studio!

*These benefits available at the Accredited membership level